Whale Watching

Sailing Geo

In partnership with the Delfini del ponente  delfinidelponente.it, Sailing Geo has the honor to host a qualified Biologist on board to experience the observation of whales in the open sea and Dolphins.


Looking for whales and dolphins

Being among the privileged few to be close to such majestic and elegant marine creatures gives you unique and priceless emotions.

The competence, the knowledge of the Biologist and the infinite passion she transmits is very important to ensure that the experience is authentic, pure and in respect of the animal.

The sailing catamaran, the most ecological solution to get closer to the beloved cetaceans, guarantees a low environmental impact, a lot of caution in not interfering with the natural route of those who are the inhabitants of the sea.


We are the lucky spectators who can enjoy the magical surfacing of Bottlenose Dolphins, Stenelle, Pilot Whales, Zifi, Grampi, Sperm Whales, Fin Whales, and Turtles.

The active involvement of the whole crew makes the experience even more interesting and exciting.

Those who cultivate curiosity and love for marine fauna, have a deep respect for nature, the environment and the sea are welcome on board.

In addition to the observation of cetaceans, the sea offers us the opportunity to practice many sports and activities that you can explore on this page.

We organize weeks dedicated to this research, with routes and itineraries intended for observation.

In addition, you can enjoy your holiday aboard the Catamaran with all the comforts and optionals that Geo puts at your disposal to choose to be Action, Discovery, Underwater and Relax.



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