Sailing Geo

You like to go inland to explore islands and coast; or do you prefer to browse in search of cetaceans?

We at Geo will be able to recommend suitable trekking and the most spectacular excursions, because we have the same passions as you …

To explore is to search through movement for information and curiosities about the environment … Delightful experiences that offer knowledge of the area visited, deep and direct contact with Nature, discovered through all the senses of ecosystems and natural habitats.


Whake Watching

The area in which we sail is called the SANCTUARY OF THE MARINE MAMMALS, where it is possible to meet the cetaceans that live in our seas such as Dolphins, Whales and if we are lucky also Sperm Whales. Of course, the meetings are not guaranteed, but if requested, you can travel routes where the meetings are more frequent, always agreeing in advance

Experience to be agreed and organized before departure with GEO



Enjoy the freedom along trekking paths of rare beauty through history, the lunar landscapes, the colors of minerals, the nature of our National Parks, Mediterranean vegetation and the fantastic outline of the sea.

The islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, Corsica, Sardinia are ideal locations for venturing into wonderful walks and trips. To carry out this experience, you need to bring your own trekking equipment and book in advance the guide who will take you to explore the wonderful trails on dry land.

On payment experience to be booked in advance (according to availability)



The bicycle is a perfect way to discover the wildest and most unspoiled nature of the islands to which we will sail.
You can rent e-bikes and mountain bikes, deciding whether to be guided by expert people who will make you discover routes of varying difficulty for every type of cyclist, both at an expert level and for families and children
There are many paths that run between sky and sea, through the strong and luxuriant nature of the Mediterranean scrub.

On payment experience to be booked in advance (according to availability)



It is a hobby and a fun sport for both adults and children.
Horse riding is a fun way to immerse yourself in the surrounding environment: just stay outdoors and enjoy the landscape, this will amplify your general well-being and bring out a sense of freedom that is not comparable to any other emotion.
Depending on the coasts where we will sail, it will be possible to organize horse rides both along the mountainous paths of these wonderful islands and along the beaches.

On payment experience to be booked in advance (according to availability)



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