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Action is life, it is wellness, it is passion.
It is acting according to one’s nature, doing what arouses one’s curiosity, it is the sense of adventure that is inherent within each of us, it is being guided by instinct and intuition towards the experiences that are in tune with who we are is to follow the voice of the heart and surrender to the totality of the experience. It is getting involved, it is discovering and knowing yourself … it is overcoming your limits.
Action is feeling the shivers on the skin, it is having your eyes filled with that irrepressible joy, it is being present in mind and body, it is wearing that huge smile that only a true Action can arouse.



For each of us, sailing is a metaphor for a personal dimension, there are those who are intrigued by aerodynamic physics, those who are fascinated by the sea, those who love to feel the wind ruffle their hair, there are those who enjoy detachment from the ground and sense of freedom, there are those who have deep childhood memories and those who love it without knowing why.

We hope that sailing can be an enchanting and fascinating experience for each of you

The Geo skipper will make you sail in complete safety and stability, taking advantage of the great qualities of lightness and smoothness of the Catamaran.

Guaranteed fun …

“Sailing is the most beautiful adventure of life” Cit. Giovanni Soldini

Experience offered by Sailing Geo.



Kite, more a philosophy of life than a sport, is the perfect fusion between water and air, it gives you the super-powers to fly in the sky and to draw lines on the ocean.

Are you an expert kiter? Geo is happy to take on your equipment and together go in search of the wind and the optimal conditions for practicing Kitesurfing.

Are you intrigued and do you want to learn Kite during your vacation? We are thrilled to organize lessons with expert instructors at authorized centers.

We also organize kitesurf themed weeks with groups of enthusiasts.

Experience to be agreed and organized before departure with GEO



Thanks to the kayak (canoe) it is possible, at the same time, to practice sports and enjoy the beauty of the coasts seen from the perspective of the sea, exploring places otherwise unreachable to many; you navigate slowly without disturbing and without any impact on the environment.
It is very simple and intuitive to use, it does not require special techniques or training.

On board Geo, you will always find a KAYAK available

Experience offered by Sailing Geo



Stand Up Paddle is a variant of surfing in which you are standing on a bulky board using a paddle: it is a meeting point between surfing and canoeing.

The board is useful for keeping the athlete afloat, but the real protagonist is the pa-gaia. A means of maintaining balance, changing direction, moving forward and backward.
It is possible to start paddling on your knees or lying down, before becoming familiar with the board and standing up.

It is a complete sport because it involves the entire muscles of the body: arms, trunk and legs. Very stressed by the control movements to keep balance are the buttocks and abdominals. Balance and coordination are refined

Experience offered by Sailing Geo



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